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Installing Protective Nets Creates New Business Offering for Solar Cleaning Companies

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Solar cleaners are frequently the first to discover broken solar panels at customer sites. Solar panels with broken glass are a ticking time bomb for solar system owners. Not only do they prevent regular cleaning, but also reduce system energy production. Often entire systems are shut down by resulting fault errors.

Hail damage to solar panel without solar nets

To solar cleaners, discovery of broken solar panels can dissrupt business until solar panels are replaced. Eliminating this issue will help ensure predictable ongoing client services.

Installing SolarNets typically costs less than replacement cost of two solar modules.  Installing nets is easy and effective.

Solar panels with protective net

Net Installation is an ideal solution and can be offered by solar panel cleaners.  

  1. -Installing solar nets creates new revenue stream
  2. -Typical 2-hour installation time
  3. -Nets ensure undamaged solar panels can be cleaned
  4. -Routine cleaning schedules are not interrupted due to broken modules
  5. -Risks of worker injury due to broken glass is reduced

The site SolarNets.com provides a complete solution for creating a golf ball protection net solution.  Staff can quickly assess the net requirements from basic solar module and layout information. Alternatively, users can replicate their rooftop solar panel layout using the Net Designer, and draw the shape net to cover the vulnerable solar panels. A complete selection of net support brackets is offered to accomodate attachment directly to the solar panel frames or to the rooftop surface. 

Once the solar panel netting design and component selection is complete, users can review a complete quote before placing the online order. The completed order is shipped directly to the homeowner. Coordinating net delivery and installation to coincide with replacement of solar panels will minimize possibilty of damage to new solar panels.

SolarNets.com provides free training seminars and online referral listing of installation partners.


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