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HOA Acceptance of Solar Nets

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Product Philosophy:  Solar systems are here-to-stay.  The right to install solar panels is now a matter of law. If solar panels are at risk of damage from golf balls or baseballs, it is logically consistent that protective measures must be allowed, and will likely eventually be mandated. 

Effective HOA guidelines can ensure quality and appearance of protective nets.  Solar Nets staff cooperate with homeowners and HOA organizations to facilitate understanding of benefits and installation methods to ensure high quality outcomes.

large golf ball protection netting

Description:  Solar Nets protect solar panels by stretching parallel to the solar panel surface, about 18-inches above the solar modules.  They are held in suspension by standard net support brackets. The spacing is sufficient to enable nets to absorb the energy of incoming golf balls or base balls.

Appearance:  Most HOA’s are primarily concerned with physical appearance.  The nets can be either white or black.  Black nets are less noticeable than white nets.

net supports that attach to solar panels

All net hardware is pre-built, with corrosion-resistant black powder coated finish.  Nets are custom-made to ensure proper tension can be applied to minimize loss of tension that may lead to sagging nets.

Net Support Attach to Solar Modules

5 year warranty.jpg

Solar Nets are backed by a 5-year warranty and can be installed and serviced by handyman or solar installers.  

No roof penetrations are required as net supports can attach directly to all brands of framed solar panels.  Solar Nets eliminates the problem of broken solar panel glass washing down through gutters, creating safety hazards for occupants and pets.

Solar Nets do not prevent cleaning of solar modules. Good solar panel appearance can be maintained for years.



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