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Introducing The Revolutionary SolarNets

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In the world of golf, perfection is a pursuit that knows no bounds. Every golfer aspires to enhance their skills and achieve a level of excellence that leaves spectators in awe. 

With golf course homes providing a ringside seat, the game of golf has been catapulted into a new era of innovation and excitement.

Among these ground-breaking innovations, SolarNets stands out as a true game-changer, revolutionizing the way homeowners can have sustainable homes with solar systems, while living on golf courses.

Introducing the SolarNets

The SolarNets is a cutting-edge protective system, to provide homeowners with peace of mind. Combining state-of-the-art materials, advanced engineering, and sustainable energy solutions, this product takes protection to a new level.

Unmatched Durability

Constructed from top-quality, a weather-resistant material, the SolarNets is built to withstand the harshest elements, ensuring years of reliable use. Whether it's under the scorching sun or during inclement weather, this net can handle it all, making it an ideal companion for home solar protection.

Solar Brilliance

At the heart of this innovative product lies its ground-breaking solar panel attachment system. Net supports can be fitted directly on the solar panels, eliminating the need for additional roof penetrations. During the day, the solar panels soak up sunlight, converting it into clean and renewable energy. The typical loss caused by the solar netting, versus achieving a long life, is a key concern. White color causes less loss, while a UV-stabilized black color net has the longest lifetime.

Eliminate Trapped Golf Balls

Tired of golf balls trapped on roof and filling your rain gutters? Barrier nets deflect golf balls instead of allowing them to remain on the rooftop.

The Green and Sustainable Choice

In an era when environmental consciousness is paramount, SolarNets stands as a beacon of sustainability. By relying on solar energy, this product reduces reliance on traditional power sources and minimizes the carbon footprint associated with golfing. Embracing SolarNets is not just an investment in better golf; it's also a commitment to preserving the beauty of the world we play in.

Portability and Convenience

The designers of  SolarNets have taken into account the importance of easy installation and convenience. The net is engineered to be lightweight and easily removable, making it simple to remove for maintenance or winter storage. You can now install the net seasonally, or leave it up year round.

Revolutionizing the Game

 SolarNets represents a quantum leap forward in the evolution of protection against golf ball damage. By merging sustainable energy solutions, innovative technology, and high-end craftsmanship, this product brings a new dimension of security to the world of golf.

With  SolarNets, homeowners achieve peace of mind, even  as golfers, rookie or pro, take their best swings. So sit back, enjoy your beautiful view, without concern about wild swings, gusty winds, or wicked slices.


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