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SolarNets Cause Production Losses Due to Shade

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Yes, SolarNets produce losses of energy production in solar systems.Homeowners must face the choice between continual damage to their solar modules by golf balls or accepting somewhat lower energy production.

The real ussue is accepting 10-15% loss from shade, or 100% loss from damaged panels.  Typically adding a couple of more solar panels will offset the loss caused by the nets.

Introduction of SolarNets provides an effective solution to golf ball damage to solar modules.  SolarNets are held 18-inches above the solar modules by net supports.  The gap between the nets and the solar modules creates the distance for the net flexing to absorb the incoming energy of the falling golf ball.

The protective barrier created by the SolarNets easily stops  not only falling  hail stones, but also spinning golf balls, falling at terminal velocity.

Damage to solar modules can result in a range of failure types.  Broken glass on a single module, may cause little loss of energy harvest initially. However, when moisture eventually enters the solar module, it will most certainly cause ground fault errors. The ground fault error can disable the entire system's production.


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