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Solar Panel Protective Nets. How They Work and their Benefits!

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Investing in solar panel installation is one of the best decisions you can make for your home or business. Not only do you harness the natural energy of the sun to generate power, but you also boost your home’s resale value. By harnessing renewable energy, solar panels lower the monthly cost of operating your home and increase your property’s appeal to potential buyers who are concerned about sustainable living.

However, solar panel owners must ensure their systems are protected round-the-clock to prevent breakage and damage. Damage to solar panels can be caused in several ways. Hailstorms, golf ball impacts or baseball damage, just to name a few. Broken or damaged solar panels can be dangerous, and energy harvest is immediately impacted.

House with hail damage without solar nets

Will a solar panel work if the glass is cracked? 

Both home and business solar panels are exposed to external threats (that we will elaborate below). Most home and business owners do not know what to do with shattered solar panel modules? A solar panel’s functionality is compromised if its glass cover is shattered. This cover serves as a layer of protection for the delicate components inside the solar panel. The glass keeps water and contamination from entering the active solar cells within the panel.

Cracks in the glass cover allow dirt, moisture, and debris to seep into the panel. Over time, the cells in the solar panel get damaged, reducing the module’s ability to function optimally. A panel with broken glass can fail completely. Moreover, cracks often destroy the structural integrity of the solar panel especially when harsh weather conditions like hailstorms strike. In most cases, small solar panel cracks might not affect the performance of the module much. However, over time, the system can shut down completely, effectively disabling the system.


Are broken solar panels dangerous?

Hail damage to solar panels

The answer to this question is yes! Broken solar panels are a safety hazard to property owners. Here are some potential dangers linked to them below: 

  • Internal wiring hazards: Solar panels work by harnessing the sun’s power when exposed to sunlight. However, broken and damaged solar panels expose internal wiring. If someone accidentally touches them, there is a possibility of an electric shock. This risk is higher in cases where the broken solar panel is connected to an active solar system. 
  • Physical injury: Property owners are often at risk of injury like cuts and skin puncture wounds, especially if the broken solar panels are in ground mounted installations or rooftops. Removing panels with broken glass is challenging. Once the glass is broken, it continually shed glass chards with every movement. 
  • Spreading of broken glass: Fractured glass will spread across the surfaces around the broken panel. Glass from broken rooftop panels will be washed into gutter downspouts, eventually spreading on the ground around the home perimeter. This can expose children and pets to unexpected hazards.

Forget viewing broken solar panel YouTube videos for repair and replacements

Dealing with broken or damaged solar panels is expensiveprevention is always better than a cure! The best part is protecting your precious solar investments is now affordable and quick. Thanks to the advent of solar panel Protection Nets, you can keep external threats and risks at bay. Now, let’s look at some of these threats below: 

  1. Harsh Weather: Harsh weather conditions like hailstorms can physically break solar panels and damage them extensively. Falling hailstones in turn affects their optimal performance, and over time leads to a complete solar energy system breakdown. 
  2. Baseball Hits: Baseball is a much-loved American sport , but flying baseball can become a nuisance for your solar array. These innocent balls can be an annoying foe when they hit your solar panels. 
  3. Golf Ball Strikes: Like baseballs, if your property is located close to a golf course, these off-course spinning projectiles can be a nightmare for your solar modules. Golf balls often whack the solar panel glass, causing your solar panel system to malfunction and eventually break down. 
  4. Birds and wildlife: Wildlife animals like birds, deer and farm animals can become a regular nuisance for your solar panels that are exposed from the underside. Wildlife like deer may seek refuge beneath ground mounted solar arrays, and unintentional damage may result. Protecting solar panels with nets durable may be enough to keep them at bay!
  5. Vandalism: Solar panels are valuable and easy targets for vandals. Malicious damage is often inflicted by rocks thrown at solar arrays. To safeguard their solar investments, security measures like the installation of protective solar nets is a prudent step to protect them round-the-clock. 

Solar Panel Protection Nets - Powering the Future Safely

Solar panel protection nets are your solar energy array’s best friend. They are durable and block external threats to prevent damage. They are simple, quick to install and do not burn a hole in your wallet. Ideal for both homes and businesses, solar panel protection nets are a must–have for your property to ensure the longevity of your solar investment.

How do they work and what are their benefits? 

Net Support Attach to Solar Modules

Solar panel protection nets are created to keep external threats, dirt and debris at bay. Made from durable nylon material, they are designed to protect solar panels around-the-clock. Sources like SolarNets.com manufacture premium quality nets like the Hail Blocker Net, GolfNet and the Baseball Catcher Net that can be customized by property owners by using the online NetDesigner Tool, and can be ordered for direct delivery.


Let us look at the advantages of these solar panel protection nets for your home or business: 

  1. Physical barrier: Solar panel protection nets serve as a resilient physical barrier to repel incoming projectiles.
  2. Durable material: These premium-material nets are durable to withstand direct UV exposure. They can withstand harsh wind and weather conditions without degradation, ensuring long-term protection for your solar panels. 
  3. Hassle-free installation: The installation process for solar panel protection nets is quick and can be done securely in just a few minutes with common hand tools.
  4. Customization: These solar panel protection nets can be conveniently customized to fit the shape and size of the solar panel array. With the help of the online Net Designer Tool, you can make your own net to give your solar panels a snug and precise fit, avoiding drooping and saggy nets.
  5.  Mesh size: Solar panel protection nets come in a variety of mesh sizes, and can be chosen appropriate to the protection needed. The larger the net holes, the less sunlight is blocked, resulting in  less loss of solar energy.

Protect solar panels – bring home SolarNets!

Solar panel protection nets from SolarNets are available in white and black colors. If you want the best visual appeal and longest lifetime performance, invest in a black solar panel protection net. White solar panel protection nets block the sun less, ensuring you receive the highest solar panel performance. 

White or black golf net choiceAs mentioned above, SolarNets provides 3 premium solar panel protection nets for both rooftop and ground-mounted solar panels, namely:

  1. GolfNet: As the name suggests, GolfNet is ideal for homes and commercial premises located near golf courses. It helps to keep annoying golf balls from breaking your solar panels. 
  2. Baseball Catcher Net: Do not allow errant baseballs to smash your beloved solar panel. Install the Baseball Catcher Net now and enjoy the sport without stress!
  3. Hail Blocker Net: Are you living with the constant fear of hailstorms damaging your valuable solar panels? If yes, bring home the Hail Blocker Net. It is perfect to keep hailstorm damage away from your solar modules 24/7.

Why fret over broken or damaged solar panels for sale when SolarNets is here to safeguard your investment? Secure your panels' longevity with SolarNets today – your solar array will undoubtedly appreciate the care! For insights into our seamless installation process, consult with our experts at 209-246-1600 or reach out to us at info@solarnets.com


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