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Tensioning SolarNets In The Morning Prevents Sag

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A well tensioned net is the  best way to protect solar panels from golf ball damage.  Typical net installations are completed in afternoons.  Even though the new net is properly tensioned, it may have sag following a cool morning dew.

It has been observed that a second 'morning'  tensioning action is sometimes needed  to remove net sag on new installations.  A net that is tensioned in the morning, should remain tighter later in the day.

Here is a picture of the same net show above, following a second tensioning.

Morning tensioning seems to produce best overall results

The two commmon methods of removing the sag from  protective solar nets are twisting the net at the attachment point and selecting spring clip locations on the tensioning chain to effectively shorten the chain.



For large nets, with more than three panels of height, it is often beneficial to add Net Support Wires to support the center section of a net.  The Net Support wires loop through the hook eyes of the Net Support Brackets, and  span across the center of the nets. The Net Support Wires can be tightened periodically as needed.

Net Support Wire to prevent net sag

Net Support Wire Installed Under Net


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