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Common Mistakes when Ordering SolarNets

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There are just a few things that are commonly overlooked or misinterpreted  when specifying SolarNets equipment:

Solar Panel Dimensions 

It must be correct. If not, the net will be too large, and hang loosely, or the net will be too small, and not completely cover the solar modules.  Note, larger is not better!  The net supports are attached to the modules.

Net color

 It must be selected as White or Black.

Corner supports 

These are required for all solar module array corners, as indicated by the green boxes below.


Side Net Supports 

It should be included at every 6 ft. along the outside perimeter. The side supports must be placed where two solar modules meet, as indicated by the red boxes above.  Note, there are typically even numbers of side net supports.

Chain Tensioners 

These are typically used on two sides of the net perimeter. There will normally be one chain tensioner for each two supports.


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