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Does Net Support Attachment to Solar Panels Impact Panel Warranty

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SolarNets does not encourage or discourage attachment of the net supports directly to solar panels.

Both direct module attach supports and roof attach supports selections are available. If the  future warranty claim rejection is a concern, then roof-attach net support can be used.

It is significant to note that a golf ball strike on the solar panel will ABSOLUTELY cause a warranty claim rejections, while drilling holes in a few of the solar panel frames MAY result in a warranty claim rejection. It is a probablilty decision.

Here is the module manufacturers feedback thus far:

REC (George): If the net support screws do not effect the glass or cells, and do not weaken the frame, there is no concern about the net support effecting the warranty.

JA Solar: "Do not drill holes in the frame. This may compromise the frame strength, and cause corrosion of the frame."

As solar system owners navigate the warranty concerns of solar panels, the probablility of damage by golf balls needs to be balanced against the likelihood of a late-life claim due to gradual solar panel performance degradation.  In many cases, the possibility of immediate damage by golf balls is much greater than a gradual loss in solar panel output performance.


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