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Estimating the cost of net+supports

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The average cost of SolarNets material is somewhat variable, depending mostly on the number of nets and  supports.  

Estimated price per square foot of solar modules  $5.50/sq. ft.

Estimated cost per covered solar module $120 each

Estimated increase in system cost for 20 modules  $2400

Representing a system cost increase of   7.5%   for a $34000 purchase price of a 20 module system.  

If multiple nets are needed due to an irregular array shape, the cost estimate should be increased by about 10%.

The above estimates include the nets, supports and shipping.  Sales tax will need to be added for California residents.

Based on the typical replacement cost being $2000 per event, the net cost is about 6% of the cost of replacing a damaged module.       $120/$2000  =  6%

Replacement cost of the net material alone is approximately        $1.50/sq. ft.


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