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How Can I Stop Golf Balls That Come From The Sides?

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Solar Golf Net and Support BracketsProperly installed SolarNets typically provide sufficient protection for most golf course homes.  In some locations however, there still remains a possibility that a stray golf ball may come in from the side, entering below the net. While a rare occurrence, some of these incoming balls may have sufficient energy to break the solar panel glass.

The most comprehensive protection can be obtained by installing 'skirt nets'. They are connected along the outside perimeter of the normal horizontal net, and extend vertically down to the solar panel edge.

Skirt Net 2a.jpg

The skirt nets are attached to the upper net at the top using hog rings, clamped in place using hog ring pliers. 


Hog rings can be installed before moving net to rooftop

Hog ring and pliers are used to join golf nets

The skirt net is secured along the bottom by use of PV Wireclips that are designed to clip directly to the lower edge or the solar panel frames. The net is stretched down, and hooked through the wireclip.

PV Wire clip is used to secure skirt net for Solar GolfNets


Skirt net medium size.jpg


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