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How do I decide what type of net supports I need?

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Net support brackets come in three styles-

  1. Brackets that attach directly to solar panel frames
  2. Three point supports that attach directly to the roof surface
  3. Supports that attach to the frame of carport structures.


Direct-attach net supports 

These are the most commonly used supports.  They enable a net to be positioned exactly over the solar array, and no roof penetrations are needed as these screw to the solar panel frames.

Some sites where Tesla modules are installed use of skirt shields around the modules make it impossible to attach  direct-attach supports. Roof attach supports are the best alternative.

Support placement Example 1a.jpg

Outside Corner Support, used to support the net at the extreme outside points around the net perimeter.

Direct attach corner support holding net by carabiner

Valley Corner Support, used to support nets at inner valley voids where solar panel shape steps inward.

Valley Net Support 1a.jpg

Side Net Support, used along flat sides of the net perimeter. Typically used to ensure intervals of no more than 6-7 between neighboring supports.

GolfNet support brackets attach direct to solar panels



Roof Attachment Supports

Roof attached supports are sometimes used to avoid concerns about solar panel warranty being affected by direct attach supports. 

The downside of using roof attached supports is a slightly higher cost, and the net must be larger due to the clearance needed for the three point supports. And perhaps most importantly, each support requires three roof penetrations.

Three-Point Supports, are used when Direct Attach supports are not applicable. They require three roof attachments per net support.

three point net support is strongest type



Carport Net Supports

24" Carport Supports are use for attaching nets to large steel framed carport structures. They are typically placed on 6 ft. spacing intervals.

Carport net supports attach directly to I-beams of carport frame


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