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How To Create A Large Net With Multiple Smaller Nets?

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Solar arrays often have irregular shapes that cannot be effectively covered by a single net.  The best technique may be to use multiple smaller nets, and stitch them together to create a larger net of the right shape to cover the irregular array.

If it is obvious how to align the nets together, it is easiest to link the nets together on the ground instead of on the rooftop. If linkage needs to be done on the roof top, it can be difficult to accomplish without walking on the solar modules (this is a no-no).

The various nets may be joined by use of carabiner spring clips, spaced approximately every 18-inches.


A less expensive alternative can be to link the nets together using 'hog rings'. These rings are less expensive, and can be installed on much closer spacings.



Example of two golfnets linked together with hog rings



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