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How To Prevent Sag On Large Nets?

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Newly installed nets need to be tightened in the cool morning to minimize sag.Large nets often sag on cool moist mornings. When simple tensioning does not produce acceptable results, installing Net Support Wires may be a good addition.

Below is a picture of a well-tensioned net, including net support wires running diagonally between the corner net support brackets.

skirt3.jpgNet Support Wire to prevent net sag

The Support Wire loops are attached to regular Side or Corner Net Support Brackets.They can be strung length wise or diagonally under the nets.

The Cinch Adjusters allow wire to be inserted only one direction, and when pulled tight, will hold the tension.


Net Support Wire is inserted through the Cinch Adjuster

The wire is put through one hole of the Cinch Adjuster, looped through the hookeye on the net support bracket, then back through the second hole on the Cinch Adjuster.  Once the loop is created, it can be tightened further, but can not relaxed.

Net Support Wire 2.png

Installed Net Support Wire.jpg


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