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What Size Hail Can Hail Blocker Net Protect Against?

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Most solar panels claim to be able to withstand hail up to 1-inch in diameter. Solar Hail Blocker(TM) add another layer of protection, blocking hail stones ranging from 1-inch to 2-inches. Hail Blocker protects against golf balls and hail stones.

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Some smaller hail stones below 1-inch are likely to pass through the 1-inch openings in the tightest Hail Blocker weave, but should not cause damage to the solar panels. But hail stones larger than 1-inch will be blocked, effectively extending the hail stone protection from 1-inh to 2-inches, essentially doubling the protection.

Even a  2-inch hail stone still has less energy than a standard 1.75" golf ball.

As hails stones become larger, the falling velocity increases proportionately.  Eventually the larger size and faster falling speed will overwhelm the protective ability. But saving even on panel from damage can offset the cost of adding Hail Blocker nets.

Naturally there can be no blanket guarantee that Hail Blocker will protect against solar panel damage from all hail. Variables like hail size and wind gusts that accelerate the impact speed can cause the impact velocity to vary tremendously. 

Likewise, there is little doubt that adding SolarNets will help minimize some of the damage. 

After large hail storms, nets may need to be retensioned due to stretching caused by the weight of accumulated hail.

Adding optional support wires beneath the Hail Blocker(TM) net greatly increases the net strength, and may prevent significant stretching. 


Installing Three-point net supports directly to the roof surface produces the most heavy duty net installation.

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