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With more and more solar homes in high risk areas, safety and protection of solar panels is becoming paramount. Whether you live next to an active golf course fairway, or just next to a baseball field,  your solar panels can be at risk of damage due to ball impacts. Nets also are available for protecting solar panels from hail damage.

This is where Nylon Barrier Netting systems from SolarNets come into play. These specially designed nets and supports act as reliable shields, safeguarding your solar panels and equipment from impact damage. Solar panel insurance costs may be lower when protective nets are installed.. 

We provide training, tools and installation recommendations for your new protective netting, providing you with the ultimate guide to making informed choices for protecting your solar investment.

Many areas experience occasional hail storms that can threaten solar panels. The Hail Blocker net, with it's smaller openings, can dramatically decrease risk of damage from hail.


Monterey GolfNet Installation

 Golf is a thrilling and challenging sport loved by millions worldwide. However, the inherent nature of the game, with powerful swings and unpredictable ball trajectories, can pose risks to your home and solar system. Golf Nets protect against errant golf balls. Impact by stray golf balls have the potential to cause injuries or damage to glass surfaces of solar modules, leading immediate reduction of solar production, and likely eventual failure of the entire system due to water penetration.

SolarNets three essential elements:-

  • Protective nets to exactly match your solar array layout. Reinforcement ropes are added to the solar netting to minimize sag.
  • Steel support brackets that are designed to minimize shade on solar modules. Supports are available for attachment to the solar module frame, or to the roof surface.
  • Tension Chains with carabiners enable selection of the best chain length for optimized net tension.


With our state-of-the-art technology, we have developed a golf net system that not only safeguards your valuable solar panels but also provides you years of peace of mind. Finally, you can enjoy the front row scenery from your golf course home, without continual concern about your solar system being damaged. Our robust and durable golf net system ensures that stray golf balls never pose a threat to your investment. By seamlessly integrating the netting system with supports attached to panel framework, we have created a visually pleasing and functional solution that maximizes both safety and aesthetics.

What does netting mean for energy production?

Net ColorObserved lossLongevity
Black14-15%5-7 yrs
White9-10%5 yrs







All netting causes some loss of sunlight due to shading of the solar panels. That is a key priority with SolarNets. Our testing of black nets, with UV stabilization, shows as much as 14-15% loss of energy production. Alternatively, the white nets testing shows about 9-10% losses. Our upcoming premium  nets are anticipated to reduce the losses even further

Selecting the appropriate Golf Barrier Netting requires consideration of several factors, including reinforced net material, supports to hold net height, and robust installation methods. High-quality nylon materials offer excellent durability, UV and weather resistance. The 18” net height is sufficient to effectively repel even direct hits, while the installation methods ensure a secure and stable barrier.

With the help of the OnlineNetDesignerTool both home and businesses owners can design each custom net and purchase  the nets and support brackets online. 

Net Designer Screen capture 1a

Consulting with experienced solar companies specializing in golf netting solutions can help you make informed decisions tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Golf Barrier Netting is more than just a protective measure; it displays a realistic understanding that golf ball damage can be a real threat to solar homes on golf courses.

Investing in SolarNets ensures a safer and more enjoyable golf course home experience for all. Embrace the confidence that comes with knowing you've taken the necessary steps to protect your solar investment.


Solar Nets are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Nets are easily removable to avoid stress from heavy winter snow. The high-quality stainless steel and powder coated materials used in its construction guarantee long-lasting durability.  Installation typically is completed in 2 hours.


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