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The best way to prevent golf ball damage to solar panels

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Once homeowners get a solar system installed, the next question many owners face is "how to protect solar panels from golf balls'? Golf barrier netting can help.

If the concern is protection from falling objects like hail or golf balls, using protective nets is a good solution. Of all the netting products, SolarNets provides the most complete solution.  SolarNets create a solar panel protective cover that absorbs energy from falling objects, lowering the energy of the objects before they hit the solar panels, thereby ensuring they protect solar arrays.

SolarNets makes the best protective net for solar due to their extensive reinforcements.


The custom low loss nets, fabricated to match the array size, are supported by corrosion-resistant steel brackets, creating the best golf impact net solution available. Screws self-drill into the solar panel frame, causing the 18-inch brackets to self-align as they are tightened. Once fully installed, this is the best way to protect solar modules from damage.




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