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Solar Net Support Wires

Support Wire zoomed image

Support Wire Tensioner

Large nets that span more than three panels in length may benefit from Net Support Wires. These UV resistant wires are non-conductive, and include adjustable zip-tie style tensioner.  If a large net has sag that cannot be eliminated by a morning adjustment, a Support Wire can be installed. This is sometimes needed in areas with large temperature and humidity swings. Support Wires span between net supports, underneath the long net spans, and can be periodically adjusted as needed. Self-locking zip connectors holds support wires tight after each adjustment. Typically support wires run diagonally.

Net support wire

Nets installed in areas with wide variations in temperature and moisture may require tension springs or UV resistant bungee cords to maintain constant net tightness. 


These tension springs are stretched between the net supports and the net borders to apply approximately 35 lbs of pressure, with 4" of available travel to absorb loosening of nets due to cold temperatures. 

UV Bungee Tensioner 1a.JPG
12 inch UV resistant bungee

Installers may prefer nets that are 1-ft smaller in order to accommodate the additional length of these tensioners.


Self-flashing Roof Anchors

Two types of roof jacks are available for attaching 3-point net supports to composition shingle roofs. They are simple and reliable. There is no need for additional sealant or caulking to prevent leaks.


The self-flashing circular flashings are used when the 7-inch lag tips can penetrate into underlying rafters.


Universal RoofJack with Lags.JPG

When rafters cannot be positively located, the Universal RoofJack can secure to the roof sheeting, with no rafter penetration required. Fast-curing butyl sealant tape is included.


Univ RoofJack & 3-Point into Rafter.jpg

Universal RoofJacks can also be used with rafter penetrations when combined with 7-inch rafter penetrating lag bolts.


Gutter Edge Roof Anchor

Roof anchor for attaching 3-point support near roof edge
Gutter Edge Roof Anchor

When solar panels extend to roof edge near the gutter, 3-point net support chains require an anchor directly at the roofs edge.

Hogring Pliers

Hog ring and pliers are used to join golf nets

Tool for joining multiple small nets as required to create large nets of irregular shape(see below). Nets can be aligned manually, and hooked together prior to attaching to net support brackets.

Complex solar layout can require several small nets
Example of irregular net shape requiring use of hogring connectors

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