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Roof Attach Support

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The strongest and most rugged nets suppport brackets to protect against solar panel damage are the powder-coated 3-point brackets.

three point net supports are used when solar panel attachment is not possible

These brackets attach directly to roof surfaces through use of standard solar roof attachments. These brackets  can be used with composition shingles, standing seam steel sheets, concrete tiles or spray-on foam coverings.  Unlike the direct-attach solar brackets, these are totally independent of the solar array components, and are not directly attached to solar modules. 

The 3-point net suport brackets are available in 12" or 24" tall height versions. Some HOA rules will only allow 12" height. Nets suspended using 12" supports must include support wires to prevent sag when wet or cold. 

For best protection, typically extend 1ft beyond the edge of the solar array boundry, and are held approximately 18 inches above the solar panel glass.  The exceptional strength of the 3-pt brackets enables nets to be drawn tightly across the solar arrays.

Best Hail Net.jpg

During the design process using NET DESIGNER, the 3-point support type is selected for placement around the net perimeter (blue square symbol).

3-Pt Supports1 a.jpg

Following selection of the 3-point support brackets, the appropriate roof attach bracket type must be selected. Choices include microflashing lags or tile roof hooks.

Solar Nets support for roof attachment


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