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Panel Attach Supports for Smooth Sided Modules

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Solar system owners desiring rapid installation of protective solar nets will frequently select direct-attach net support brackets. A common question is 'how to install solar nets without roof penetration? '  These support brackets attach to the aluminum solar panel frame. No roof penetration is required. 

Direct attach corner support holding net by carabiner
SMARTMOUNT, The best solar net supports to protect against golf ball damage

These powder-coated net supports attach to the outermost smooth edges of the solar array. These brackets angle away from the active solar surface in order to avoid creating shade onto the solar. Brackets with smooth sided frames are attached at pre-drilled holes, using self-drilling screws. 

Direct Attach Bracket types include:

  • Corner Supports for outside corners
  • Side Supports, for use where two module meet
  • Valley Supports, for inside corner angles
  • Available in 12" or 18" (standard) heights.

net supports that attach to solar panels

Note, these supports will not  work with Tesla-Zep modules. Link to Tesla-Zep  supports. For those situations, the 3-point net support brackets may be a better choice.

During the design process, using NET DESIGNER, the corner and side net supports are placed directly at the edges of the solar array.  This is key, as the net must not be larger than the solar arrays, otherwise the net will not stretch tight above the solar nets, and a sag will result.

Solar Net Support for Direct Attach to solar panels


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