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Baseball Catcher Net

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Baseball Nets are netting specifically designed to prevent baseball damage to solar panels. This is the lowest loss solar net due to the large hole openings.

  • Net opening is 1 3/8-inch 
  • Durable nylon net
  • Black net color
  • Strengthening rope on 6-ft intervals
  • 6-ft Max recommended support bracket spacing
  • Direct attach or carport attached support brackets
  • Side openings allow cleaning of solar panels

Baseballs and cricket balls damage solar panels

Catcher Net's three essential elements:

  • Protective nets to exactly match your solar array layout. Reinforcement ropes are added to the solar netting to minimize sag.
  • Steel support brackets that are designed to minimize shade on solar modules. Supports are available for attachment to the solar module frame, or to the carport frame.
  • Tension Chains with carabiners enable selection of the best chain length for optimized net tension.

Net supports to not interfere with solar panel critter guard mesh.

If you have given into the temptation of surrounding your sports fields with solar carports,  Baseball Catcher Net is the best way to prevent baseball damage to solar panels.

Solar array near baseball field
Solar Array is Perfectly Placed for Maximum Damage


What is loss of energy production caused by Nets?

All netting causes some loss of sunlight due to shading of the solar panels. 

Black net   8-10%,    lifetime 5-7yrs

That is a key priority with Solar Nets. Our black nets, with UV stabilization testing shows higher loss of energy production. 

What is the ideal net height above the solar panels?

The 18-24” net height is sufficient to effectively repel even direct hits, while the installation methods ensure a secure and stable barrier.

I live in snow country, do I need to remove nets in the winter?

Yes, spring clips enable net removal to avoid stress of winter snow.  The Solar Net hardware is designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. The high-quality stainless steel and powder coated materials used in it's construction guarantee long-lasting durability.

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