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It is common for homeowners with solar systems to meet  the brutal reality that golf balls, base balls and hail can break solar panels, causing solar systems to shut down. Solar Nets prevent repeated expensive repairs, and keep systems operational. Repairs easily cost thousands, every time there is damage!  Preventing solar panel damage is key solar system protection. 

HAIL Can Break Panels

Throughout the Midwest, hail storms are inevitable. Hail damage can easily destroy an entire solar array. Installation of Hail Blocker nets is a good compromise between a bit of solar energy production and complete system destruction. Hail Blocker nets are of stronger construction than standard GolfNets.

Hail damage to panels in Texas

SolarNets are designed to precisely protect your vulnerable solar arrays, safely absorbing the energy of incoming projectiles. Net support brackets hold extra strength nets horizontally above the solar modules, typically at 16 inches above the surface. Each net is customized to the size of your solar array.

Simple-Net-Array-Example-1SolarNets are available in white or black colors. The black color provides be best visual appeal and have the longest net lifetime. White nets cause less sun blockage, thereby ensuring the highest solar performance.


Carabiners for SolarNets

Nets are secured to supports by spring clip carabiners. Once supports are in place, the net is clipped to the supports using the hookeye at the top of the supports. Tension is applied to tension the net, causing the net to be held above the solar module glass surface.


Attractive and corrosion resistant SolarNets support

Net supports are powdercoated with rich black color to be attractive and corrosion resistant. The supports attach directly to either the corner or sides of the solar modules. Stainless steel corrosion-resistant hook-eye fittings are included at the top of each support. SolarNets support design enables complete protection, without screwing directly to your roof surface. No more holes!


Support brackets to fit solar module frames

The support brackets exactly fit around the solar module frames. They are secured by simple self-drilling screws. The only tool required is a powered screwdriver. Installation of SolarNets typically requires two workers, with most installations being completed in only 1.5-3 hours. SolarNets include a 5-yr limited warranty.


Long lasting solar system protection

Once in place, the SolarNets will provide years of protection, preserving your solar system investment, saving you money and giving you peace of mind.



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